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Specialized Staff

Friendly, qualified office staff are on site to help answer all your questions! Fully credentialed art and music teachers provide art and instrumental music (piano and guitar) instruction. Qualified activity leaders work with students in art, physical education, dance, drama, gymnastics, and homework assistance. Artists, musicians, dancers, and other practicing professionals serve as guest instructors and consultants providing regularly scheduled classes in their area of expertise.
Ms. Deborah Verdugo — Magnet Specialist

Ms. Rita Aguirre — Magnet Clerk

Mr. Schuyler Johnson — Vocal Music Teacher

Mrs. Stephany Helms — Art Teacher

Mrs. Sharon McCoy — Kindergarten

Mrs. Judy Gamino — Kindergarten

Ms. Martha Juarez — Homework

Ms. Alicia Sanchez — Homework

Ms. Marissa Rodriguez — Homework

Mr. Evangel Garza— Computer

Ms. Merrie Payne — Tap

Ms. Esperanza Ruiz — Creative Arts

Ms. Diondra Besenthal — Variety Dance

Ms. Izora Lindsey — Ballet

Ms. Muriel Ramos — Drama

Ms. Monique Ruby — Gymnastics

VACANCY — Physical Education